Understand your organisational strategy from a Human-Centric point of view, with an eye towards Sustainability. This approach brings with it the clarity, flexibility and foresight to stay both resilient and competitive, whatever comes your way

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The objective is to explore some of the key questions of our age, to give strategy discussions a broader 

and more rooted context

Key Questions

Behavior Change



Trends Analysis

What forms of stability and instability will we find, as the climate changes and food and water supplies fluctuate? 

How can business contribute to building resilience, in the right way, for the right people, at the right time and price?

Our Planetary Business Environment

A Planetary Business Environment

AI and the future of work

The Future of Productivity

Will artificial intelligence render us all unemployed? How will work and productivity look in the decades to come, and how will this affect the way we see both business and society? 

What is nature in a changing world and what are the different cultures of nature worldwide?

How does this affect our business strategy? 

Is it in terms of our own unquestioned assumptions when planning?

Or in  way we reach out to others, whose worlds we may not fully understand?

How many Tigers?

The Idea of Nature

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